Simon Phillips’s artistic career has many influences over time. Simon’s experience in graphic design and the greater digital space has influenced his practice and continues to shape his approach to the contemporary art space.

Simon’s work incorporates elements of the organic, not only in style of application in his work, but also include images of flora and fauna throughout many pieces. A connection of these elements along-side graphical styled elements with references to geometry and science, highlight the connection between both worlds.

Additionally Simon’s experience in the digital strategy sphere under the brand Visual Alchemy with many brands, large and small has given him a unique perspective on the evolution of the both technology and popular culture – additional influences that have shaped a number of works over the years.

Simon works in a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, oil paint, water-colours, pastels, pencil, ink, charcoal, photography and digital media. Simon’s work has included various digital media installations, traditional canvas and printed works as well as numerous film and animations long his artistic journey.

Commissions are available upon request. Contact here